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Welcome to Los Angeles Insurance Agency

Before getting stuck in an extremely serious, unexpected and problematic emergency, shake hands with SandyBLee Insurance, we will protect you when you need us.
There are so many insurances that we bring to you in your city itself. We are at your service whenever you need us. All you have to do is to simply buy our insurance and pay the premiums on time. Rest everything will possibly be insured.
With our help, you can have your dream home and car in your city! As we provide home equity loans that cater to your needs in the best way. We not only help you buy them, but also make sure that you, your loved ones and your vehicle are protected from as many troubles as possible. May it be an issue of accident of your car, where you can call us 877-627-5757 for roadside assistance, or be it with providing you with a substitute until your vehicle is fully repaired. We give you as much relaxation as possible. The coverage on motors is available at affordable ranges.
We also ensure that you have the right policy for your 100% protection and satisfaction. This is made possible with our videos and calculators which help you set your priorities which you want to cover in your insurance policy. Our agent will sit down with you and advice you to fulfill your needs through our Life Insurance service, your business’ needs through our Business Insurance, and your family’s needs through our Health Insurance etc.
A higher premium cost is better for an insurance policy as it increases your protection by bearing most of your expenses caused after the issue. To put it simply we can say that you have two options:
To save on the premiums today and worry after the issue.
To increase the chances of your insurance by being lenient on premiums.
Now, the choice is yours.
We don’t just stop here, instead for your entire relief; we also bring you Annuity which insures that you get paid even after your retirement. You can also choose from a number of annuity options made available to you like deferred annuities, immediate annuities, etc.

We are available in the following cities:
San Francisco
San Mateo
San Jose
Los Angeles
We want to give you complete satisfaction by serving you in your own city with our varied services, all designed for your convenience.
So become a part of our SandyBLee Insurance Company and feel protected!