Sandy, my Saviour

Sandy, my Saviour

Everyone knows how difficult and daunting it could be to find a good insurance agent, especially when one moves to a new city. The same was the case w

Everyone knows how difficult and daunting it could be to find a good insurance agent, especially when one moves to a new city. The same was the case with me when I moved to San Francisco, the city of dreams and the Golden Gate. The second thing after moving to the city was, to get a good insurance agent. So, one of my friends’ suggested Sandy Lee insurance agency for house and auto insurance. Like everyone else I was also a little sceptical about insurance agents. But after talking with her I found her quite through in her work field. I finally undertook my property and auto insurance from her agency.

But I got to see the real professionalism of her work some time ago. It was one of those regular days of work going to the office in the morning and returning home in the evening. I sometimes dropped over to my friend Katie at the end of the week. One similar day, I and my friend went out for dinner in the downtown. Everything was perfect until on our way back home our car met with an accident. We both were panicked and shocked with this incident. It was not very late but we didn’t know what to do. We kept on discussing who we should call and thought who would help us with this. Then after a while, it struck us that probably we should contact Sandy’s office. And guess what, she immediately reached the spot and handled everything with such ease. She took care of all the paperwork and formalities related to the accident. She took note of all the damage inflicted on the vehicle due to the accident and made notes.  Moreover, she even called for a tow truck to get the car towed to the company workshop for further repairs. I did not have to do a single thing and was awestruck by her competence and attention to each and every detail.

From that time onwards Sandy has been my person of contact for all insurance related queries. She communicates in a layman language, thus making me understand each detail very clearly. There is no complexity in her work or undue hassles. Recently, one of my colleagues was looking to get a health insurance for herself but finding the paperwork offered by agents complicated. Then I recommended her, Sandy’s insurance agency. I just asked to give her a visit and understand the concept. And the next day, she was all smiles and told me that she has applied for the insurance through Sandy’s agency.

Therefore, finding an insurance agent that understands your need and requirement is difficult. Therefore, I highly recommend Sandy and her agency in order to get any insurance related to auto, home, property or banking. Her work is complete and up to the mark plus she possess  a vast knowledge in this field. She would make you feel at home and make your troubles hers. What more could we expect from an insurance agent, when she becomes your friend in need.